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AM (real name: Aaron M.) is an American director, animator, and video editor. He joined VidLii on June 3rd, 2017, being the 5th user to join the site. He is well known for creating the "Time Machine" series and had the most subscribers on VidLii (more than the official VidLii channel) for three weeks straight.


In 2016, Aaron discovered VidBit through a friend while attempting to build his own video sharing site. He joined during the original VidBit era on June 18, 2016. Aaron currently resides in Florida.

He was a moderator on VidLii, removing copyrighted content and ensuring the site was good for all users, enforcing the rules and making sure the users followed them.

On May 5th, 2018, Aaron won the VidLii Admin Election, becoming the new administrator on the website to replace the former administrator, Ali. He appointed Formidable, Kay, Blake, and Malicious to become the new moderators of the website. The moderation team's reactions were relatively positive within the community, as most copyrighted content was purged from the website and the rules were starting to be properly enforced.

Around July, Aaron's account was unexpectedly terminated with no reason provided. The reason for this is that Blake accidentally deleted Aaron's account during a routine API test of the website.

In October 2018, Aaron was removed from the VidLii administration team with no reason provided.

In December 2018, Aaron announced that he would no longer upload videos on VidLii, to instead focus on development of his new website, Vanillo.

On January 3rd, 2019, Aaron uploaded a video to his VidLii channel titled "VidBit Time Machine 4: Rebirth". This entry into the Time Machine series is far different than the rest of the episodes. This entry is surreal and quite darker than the rest of the series. The visuals are more abstract and the video is overall somewhat distorted, stating how the community of VidLii has changed so much from what he grew attached to and he felt that it is no longer worth it to continue using VidLii.

Aaron would return to VidLii in a few months, uploading to both Vanillo and VidLii.