Altipedia Wiki

1. Any sites made with website builders or is poorly made with no effort put into them is prohibited. (ex: WIX, Bubble, Groupanic, or Yooco)

The reason why we made this rule is due to the fact most websites made using these are usually not up to quality standards as a result of their technical limitations and low quality appearance, the only exception to this rule is that the website made using said builders has a lot of effort put into it. We aren't trying to say that these sites made with any web builder are horrible, we're just trying to keep this Wiki properly maintained with Quality Control procedures that have been put in place.

And if we just allow users to make pages about sites that aren't well put together, this Wiki would overtime turn into a cesspool of bad sites.

Here a example list of sites that violates this rule:

DogeTube, CyanTube, MePipeLine, HeteroJam, JoeTube, BillTube, and SlinkSlank are all forbidden.

2. No parody websites. SlinkSlank is an example.

3. Sites that are deemed inappropriate and/or sole purpose is to post pornographic content are not allowed, these sites don't intend on being a Alternative to modern websites. Also, due to FANDOM guidelines, we don't allow NSFW Content in general. (PornHub, NewGrounds, Fakku, XXNX, and XVideos are all examples of this)

4. Sites that have malware are not allowed, especially not ones with obvious anti-adblocker ruses.

5. Your site must exist. YouTune violates this rule.

Failure to comply to these rules will result in a punishment. Depending on what rule was broken admins/mods may give out punishments ranging from warnings to IP bans. Uploading sites that are inappropriate or with malware will result in a severe punishment (IP or permeant ban)

Also read the Introduction page if you haven't yet. It contains the rest of the rules.