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Advertisement was a video sharing site launched in January 2020 with the main focus on avoiding censorship by providing monetization through crowdfunding similar to Patreon.

However, as of April 17, 2021, it has recently shut down due to the owner wanting to move to different projects.


  • used adaptive streaming technology.
  • A creator support system that works similar to Patreon
  • Uploading videos without a account
  • A discover page where users can discover new content creators and videos they may like.
  • Users can upload videos from YouTube using the YouTube Import.
  • Livestreaming! (although was still in infancy)
  • A “10 Minutes of Fame” Section where random videos pop up and stay on the home page for approximately 10 minutes, as the name implies.


  • Comments cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Very small community and not many videos
  • Videos do not upload or process in the background.
  • Subscriber counts are broken as of October 1, 2020 (fixed).


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