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Blip TV was a video hosting site created in 2005. While it is not an alternative video hosting site in the sense of other contemporaries, it was an incredibly popular website, especially for fans of major content creators.


Blip was launched in 2005, and akin to Revver, had a revenue model for creators, although it did not see as much attention as the latter site until around 2008, where users from the site would move to Blip following a loss in revenue.

The site was created with web series in mind, and employed a minimalist approach, at least compared to YouTube. Videos were referred to as episodes, and you could note specific shows you created. In the past, the site was more welcoming to any user who had a show of their own, but in later years, began to focus more on creators of higher quality. It was the home of content creators such as ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and along with avoiding the worry of content striking, the users enjoyed a steady revenue model. The site was acquired by Maker Studios in 2013.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, most creator accounts were purged due to economical concerns. At one point, user registration was disabled entirely and the site would close in 2015 in favor of the Disney Digital Network; Disney had also acquired and consolidated Maker Studios previously.

Good Qualities

  1. It was not only a good hub for webshows, but if your account survived Blip's purges, it was a sure sign of success.
  2. Though it had a minimalist approach compared to YouTube, the focus on content creation may justify this as your channel would be defined by your content, rather than your profile.
  3. Compared to YouTube, Blip's ad revenue policies were more lenient, especially when it came to content that would otherwise run the risk of copyright takedowns.
  4. Home to many familiar content creators .