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Blips (sometimes referred to as is a social network that serves as a mostly faithful recreation of Twitter[1] as it appeared originally in early 2007, now early 2009.[2] It was created as a direct response to Bwitter.

DNS Hack[]

During June 27, 2023, there was a hack where it would redirect to a YouTube video[3]. Eventually it was fixed[4] and the site went back to normal. Sometime after, Jacob's account was deleted, but later his account was reinstated[5], but later deleted again.

Bittoco Buyout[]

During July 28, 2023, Blips went down.[6] A few hours before, the official Blips account was offering anyone who paid a certain amount of money, they would own it. Eventually went back up with the footer text changed from Blips[7] to BitView[8]. Eventually, the TOS reflected that.[9] Later, the mother entity was renamed to Bittoco

Posting from odd places.[]

During the last week of September, jr said "Guess what's back!", which was posted from txt[10], then posted from "goatse"[11]. Later, idsniper posted from cmd, which they had "no clue" and they were "just sending stuff from firefox". [12] This behavior is caused by an administrator or moderator manually changing the post origin using SQL or the admin panel.