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Chris Pavlovski is a Canadian technology entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Rumble.


Chris Pavlovski was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1][2] He got his start in the tech industry as a junior network administrator for the Microsoft Corporation in January 2001. Around the same time, he founded the Jolted Media Group and served as its CEO until September 2013. In June 2001, he left Microsoft after six months and founded Cosmic Development, a global IT business, and enrolled at the University of Toronto Mississaugua, where he studied for five years.

In 2009, Chris became director of marketing for Next Giant Leap, a space exploration company, which he served until 2012.[3] About a year later, he founded Rumble, a video-sharing website which experienced slow growth for its first seven years, having 1.6 million users in July 2020, but quickly grew to 32 million users three months into 2021.


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