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ClipTube was a video website created by pantelonis that attempted recreating the YouTube 2012 and 2013 layouts. Development started on December 29, 2021. Before its release on March 25, 2022, ClipTube used ngrok and Cloudflare tunnels as a host. On August 28, 2022, ClipTube got it's own codebase after using FulpTube's source code since release.

On January 15, 2024 pantelonis announced that project is dead and no longer will be up. This happened because people were more interested in promoting their revivals. The website became inactive, nobody was using it, and some folks even copied ClipTube's HTML Templates.


  • 2012: ['soon']
  • 2013: Default
  • Mobile: ['soon']


  • Browsing Channels
  • Original HTML5 and Flash Player
  • ClipTube TV
  • ClipTube Mobile APK (Working)
  • FFmpeg video compression to 720p
  • Languages [English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Magyar and Greek]
  • Annotations (Working on the HTML5 and on flash player too)
  • Player Annotations (With the original 2013 annotations editor)
  • Video manager with analytics
  • Watch later
  • User customization [Bio, Banner, Profile Pictures [Converted to JPG and has NSFW detector], Website Links ['soon'], Social Media Links ['soon'], Featured channels and Featured Videos]
  • Subscriptions
  • Original 2013 YouTube AJAX and JS
  • Search page
  • Video responses ['soon']
  • Original 2013 YouTube Top bar