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<Back to Video Sites Master List is a YouTube-style video website that uses Blockchain to stop revenue censorship. Dtube is built on and powered by the Steemit Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network. Thus making it the first crypto-decentralized video platform.

Content creators upload videos to a channel. is structured very much like a YouTube alternative website. Everything about earning on Steemit applies to Dtube. You will still earn from votes, and you earn STEEM on content for seven days.

About The Site

Since the site uses the decentralized technology of IPFS and STEEM Blockchain, D.Tube has no control over the content that is being posted to its site. Instead, users have the power over what can and cannot be allowed to be posted by using the up and down button on the user interface.

The site does not have an Algorithm that would control what users can view along with not demonetizing regardless of what maybe posted. And D.Tube's data is open to view by the general public with only using an internet connection.

D.Tube also doesn't run any advertising on the site. However, users can promote anything they want without having to risk their channel or losing any subscribers.


D.Tube videos cannot be deleted from the site by the account that uploaded them, but can be privated. However, D.Tube deletes old videos in order to save space. Users on D.Tube have reported that the site may fail to upload some of their videos. While some have also had issues playing videos on the platform itself. Other things that users have pointed out about the site include: Broken Search Engine, Bots In Comment Sections, Videos getting deleted if none are liked, Videos that don't appeal to people with specific interests, and not being able to instantly join the site without having to join Steemit itself which will put you on a waiting list.

Videos aren't actually decentralized as they are stored on a torrent tracker.

User accounts can have an error message 'not enough bandwidth' (even though other accounts on device working fine)