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The aim of this list is to provide a quick overview of video platforms that have shut down as a historical reference, and the reason for shut down if known. Please refer to the Style Guide and avoid listing sites that did not qualify for an article.

  • LiveVideo (November 2006 to August 2013[1])
  • Sharkle! (January 2005 to June 15th, 2009 - Unexplained internal factors, domain was retaken in 2016 and is used to this day as a randomized 3D graphics showcase site.[2][3])
  • Revver (2005 to 2011 - Changed management, new management refused to pay users.[4])
  • Exposure Room (approximately 2008 to 2012 – likely operational costs)[5]
  • Blip.TV (May 2005 to August 2015 – Parent company Maker Studios was sold to Disney in 2014 and Blip was subsequently shuttered and later completely shut down in favor of the Disney Digital Network.[6])
  • KidsTube (October 2008 - August 2015) - the website was becoming too expensive that they can’t keep the site working.
  • ClipBits (~ August 2015 – hard drive failure)[7]
  • ZippCast (2013 to 2016 - Owner was a malignant narcissist who couldn't handle the userbase's questioning owner's actions)
  • MyVideo (April 2006 to May 2016 – closed without announcement and redirected to news publisher.[8])
  • ClipFish (June 2006 to July 2017 – bought off.[9])
  • Wenoo (approximately 2010 to Late 2017)[10][11]
  • Vidme (2014 to December 2017 – Died shortly after the userbase became outraged at the staff, lied that inability to keep with the competition as the reason[12] when in actuality it was the staff's hubris and possibly investors pulling out as a result)
  • VidBit (2016 to 2019)
  • VidBitFuture (Late 2016 to April 2017)[13]
  • Viduro (2018 to 2019 – likely operational costs)[14]
  • VidBlue († December 2018 - Owner was doxxed in testing and site subsequently abandoned, replaced by WeVidi)
  • Verond (approximately 2018 to 2020 - Likely tied to the fact that they censored anyone who remotely criticized the site and disabled registration, and lied by proclaiming to supporting free speech.)[15][16][17]
  • Vlare (2019 to 2020 – changed owners several times before the final owner decided to just give up on it. Initially jeopardized by DMCA attack and rogue web host provider in August 2020.[18])
  • MetaCafe (2003-2021 - Closed in 2021 and now redirects to [citation needed]
  • Vessel (January 21st, 2015-October 31st, 2016 - Acquired by Verizon on October 26th, 2016, with Vessel's team reintegrated into Verizon's go90 service)[19]
  • BreachTV (2016 to December 31st, 2022)