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FallOutBoyVid is a parody/satirical site developed by Kay that is intended to satirize and make fun of the Alt-Tech and Alternative Video Sharing Communities on the Internet.


As Vlare was struggling to remain online as a result of issue behind the scenes and within the community, Kay (the former owner of Vlare) made a site that would not only mock the state of Alternative Video sites and their communities, but made the site and its performance so poor that it became obvious to the majority that it was a satire of what a video hosting site is. The site contained mostly short clips in 144p resolution, and would frequently crash for anybody that tried to use it. During the final week of March 2021, Kay discontinued FallOutBoyVid and jokingly stated that the site was now owned by Toby R, (Vlare's current owner) and stated that it would return later that year. Kay would later also jokingly claim FallOutBoyVid to be coming back as a response to Toby's ownership and his redesign for Vlare. On April 8th, 2021. The site's Discord server was shut down shortly after Kay's Discord Account was banned, and the project was cancelled. On February 8th, 2022, FallOutBoyVid was revived again, this time for real, along with it's Discord.

A year later, FalloutBoy Vid returned to the Internet and made a new Telegram Group and Twitter profile.



  • The name is obviously a reference to Emo/Pop Punk/Pop Rock band Fall Out Boy, which is one of Kay's favorite bands.

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