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FulpTube was a video sharing site created by jackd900, then known at the time as Chief Bazinga. FulpTube was an attempt at recreating the YouTube 2013 Hitchhiker layout (before switching to 2012's Cosmic Panda), and used to also recreate the 2010 and 2009 layouts.


Development started on November 14th 2020 as a result of several old YouTube sites shutting down at the time, with the name in reference to Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp. The FulpTube site was hosted on an old Dell Inspiron laptop with an AMD A8-8600P processor with 8 gigabytes of ram running Ubuntu. Later in FulpTube's life, Jackd moved the site to a VPS with the domain ''.

Raid incidents and eventual shutdown.

On April 15th 2021. The official FulpTube Discord server was raided by BMF, who tricked goom into adding a bot to the server that allowed him to easily ban everyone (except for members with roles that are higher than the bot one) and would shortly sent a direct message notifying them of said action taking place.

On June 11th 2021, Tsukumizu, one of the administrators of FulpTube, would ping all members in the site's official discord server where he would jokingly announce that FulpTube would be turned into a white ethnostate, and that anybody wasn't 95% white and up would have their accounts banned. Jack quickly banned Tsukumizu. In response Tsukumizu, who still had access to the site, began banning random people from the site for no reason.

Also during this time, the account of Brenden, another administrator of FulpTube, was hacked and began to post loli hentai on the site. Since new videos were displayed on the front page, this caused the damages to be seen by anyone who went on FulpTube around that time.

On June 25th 2021, the site and Discord were abruptly shut down after Brenden threatened to leak the database during an altercation between staff members. The original domains would later be claimed by domain parkers after they expired around 2022. Jackd had considered leaving Discord[1], but shortly after he decided to stay and a few days later he went on to create SubRocks[2] and it's later successor uTue.


Videos uploaded to FulpTube were compressed to 720p (originally 480p in 2020[3]) via FFmpeg with a video queue written by zulc22. Videos had to be manually approved by the staff[3].

Channels were customizable with the ability to add banners, add links, descriptions and much more.


The site had inaccuracies due to pages not being archived and Jackd's lack of frontend web development skills, plus the fact it was run on a laptop as opposed to an proper server.

There was a 100 MB upload limit due to Cloudflare, until Jackd later moved to the VPS service.

Discord Gallery


Staff Members

  1. jackd900 [dev, CEO of FulpTube]
  2. zulc22 [dev]
  3. brenden7158 [head staff]
  4. ItsJustAPlayer [head staff]
  5. goom [staff]
  6. Goldman [staff]
  7. evoDesign [staff]
  8. lua [staff]
  9. Kalimba [staff]
  10. ian [staff]
  11. Nycrite [staff]
  12. diyamund [mod]
  13. Owen [mod]
  14. frickinfire [mod]
  1. RIP FulpTube, uploaded by grkb under the Gamerappa channel on YouTube - Pixel asks Jackd what will his new discord account will be, with Jackd responding with "none".
  2. Internet Archive copy of as seen on June 26th 2021 - The "!!!" hyperlink redirected to a (now invalid) invite for the SubRocks discord.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Partial web scraped archive of FulpTube as it was in November 20th 2020 - "Audio is not compressed. Thumbnails are auto generated. All videos are downscaled to 480p by using FFmpeg. MP4 is only supported. Videos are manually approved", on the upload page (newupload).