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Jan-Nick Eul is a German computer programmer who has gained traction for being the creator of the websites VidLii, BitView, and Vlare. Not much is known about Jan, but it is said that he is a big fan of Super Smash Bros and is considered to be a laid-back administrator in spite of the controversial events that tend to occur on his websites and his hiring of controversial administrators and moderators such as AliTheZombie13‎‎ and Fattyman. It is said that he was born on September 15, either 1996 or 1997.

Jan was known for not being too caring about his site's moderation, lack of frequent interactivity with the community, and was also criticized for his complex coding which would make it difficult for other developers to add more features onto the sites he made.

In February 2022, Jan announced in the now defunct VidBit Discord Servar that he was no longer the owner of VidLii after selling it to the Russian-based Kolyma Network.

VidLii would be the last site Jan owned before transferring ownership.