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Trigger Warning/Controversial: JoshTheJosher had been exposed for doing questionable things.

Joshua Montage, better known online as JoshtheJosher, was a long-time content creator who was formerly on YouTube and VidLii. He is known for making a variety of content but mostly reaction, vlogs and commentary videos. He was also a editor for the Youtube Channel Just a Robot. He was a very controversial user among many users and some communities, especially VidLii, with controversial interactions with many people such as BMF, Bourg Productions, TMossBoss, TBone2004 etc. Sometime in 2021-2022 he left the internet after being exposed for more extreme things he did, including predatory behavior

VidLii and Discord controversies (Pre-2021 controversies)

(Some controversies were documented during the VidLii Civil War)

During this time JoshtheJosher made reaction videos and vlogs. His reactions videos were described as very low-effort, often saying little to nothing in the videos. Sometime during 2018 VidLii user and Youtuber TMossBoss made a video on VidLii where he would react to low-quality videos and one of Josher's reaction videos was in the video. Josher flied a copyright claim on TMossBoss causing him to take down the video. Josh from this point on would be known to not take criticism very well as anyone who criticize him he would go out and "bully" those said people.

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