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LBRY is an open-source site and desktop application (or protocol) created by Jeremy Kauffman, where it presents itself as a "censorship-resistant protocol that facilitates the discovery, distribution, and purchase of digital content."

The LBRY Team(and maybe Jeremy Kauffman) are known to roast/criticize/mock Youtube due to the fact of how they treat there creators, They may also do the same thing to other "big-tech" companies such as Facebook. They usually post there roasts on the Odysee and LBRY twitter accounts

Odysee, a video-sharing site that runs on this protocol was created by the official LBRY developers. Odysee serves as a successor to the now defunct

In July 2023 the LBRY company closed after losing to the lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which found that LBRY had unregistered securities, however sites such as Odysee will still remain up, just without a owner at the moment.


Prior to creating LBRY, Kauffman also founded TopScore, a startup that processes millions of dollars monthly in event and activity registrations. Kauffman enrolled at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received degrees in physics and computer science.

In April 2015, Kauffman along with Alex Grintsvayg, Jack Robison, and Josh Finer all came together to found LBRY as an open-source and decentralized alternative to YouTube, which had been beginning face criticism from its user-base for Censorship of Content and Demonetization of Channels.

For four years, LBRY was mostly focused on continuing to improve their desktop app along with adding basic features that would be usually found on mainstream platforms. But knowing that the majority of people preferred to access and use LBRY via the Web, was launched to accommodate those needs in Late 2019.

In September 2020, LBRY launched a centralized variant of the platform known as "Odysee", a simplified and more casual user-friendly version of the platform. LBC was replaced by an icon representing credits, an improved commenting system along giving users to rate comments and videos with either Fire (Like) and Slime (Dislike), and Notifications.


LBRY is a decentralized and open-source protocol that is controlled by its user-base. According to LBRY, they offer "a similar experience to streaming platforms services like YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV." But unlike said platforms, LBRY is decentralized while YouTube and other mainstream platforms are centralized platforms controlled by a single entity (rather if it be a corporation, one group, or a single person). And because of its centralization, YouTube for example can change the Terms of Service to its own content, along with censoring content to follow the wishes of any authoritarian government or corporate partners.

And because of LBRY's decentralization, it is not to obligated to change the terms of service on any of the publishers or consumers that may utilize its platform. Video providers and P2P file-sharing clients like BitTorrent and IPFS also don't support direct payments to its publishers for the content or data they may create and publish to the network; LBRY has claimed that it does, and has created market incentives for data to be as widespread and available as possible!

Unlike YouTube, LBRY has proclaimed itself to not be an ad-driven media service. And as an open protocol that allows you to publish your videos to the network at no cost to you and set a price per stream or download.

And since LBRY is an open-protocol, there is no approval process for content to be listed and no authority that can demonetize your videos. That’s between you and the people who support your content. Pricing comes down to the discretion of the creator and up to 100% of the profits made from said content can head directly to the creator. Since LBRY also uses cryptocurrency (LBC), creators can accept micro-payments for every view without worrying about credit card processing fees.

Blockchain issues[]

Blockchain technology is often accused of creating massive carbon footprints and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrency such as LBRY tokens are viewed by many as a ponzi scheme and recently LBRY has come under government investigation for unregistered security offerings.