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Mattwo, who also also sometimes uses the username of Mattwo7, is an outspoken and fastidious critic and former member of the YouTube alternative communities who makes bad to medicore images, comics and videos in 3D model posing software such as his mainstay, Garry's Mod, Source Filmmaker and MikuMikuDance, as well as memes, mashups, music videos and other remix media. He currently uploads to YouTube with automatic mirroring on his main channel to BitChute, as well as using the Internet Archive as a backup but hopes one day that he'll be able to find a well-used YouTube alternative that won't fail due to the failings of the person/people running it.

Mattwo also used to be an admin of Altipedia.

Controversies and Feuds

Mattwo was no stranger to controversies in the YouTube alternative circles.


He was directly involved in the downfall of ZippCast as after Maklarr4000 had posted his unsubtle allegory about his involvement with the "new core", Mattwo and other users began to question Melissa, who wound up being a narcissist who couldn't handle the criticism, ultimately leading to the final shutdown of ZippCast.

VidBit/VidBit Future

He then got upset at the owners of VidBit for using his video without permission to promote the site as he had been jaded by the fall of Zippcast and didn't want them to use his video to raise false hope but ultimately made amends, leading to him befriending CraftingLord21, even if his fears were ultimately vindicated by the site shutting down shortly after it launched.


He then joined Vidme and began a controversy involving MrATAndreiThomas, who had been abusing a tag meant for less subscribed uploaders and had been known to use sockpuppet accounts to boost his subscription count (though Mattwo himself only suspected two or three of MrATAndreiThomas's Vidme subscribers of being sockpuppets), which he later came to regret as he saw MrATAndreiThomas's mental breakdown in response to the controversy and he self-admittedly acted immaturely about the whole thing.

Also after joining Vidme he became increasingly jaded with the staff who had refused him verification even after fellow internet reviewer and MikuMikuDance user, ZeltraxMillennium who uploaded videos of similar, if not slightly better quality and was just as much of a no-namer outside of his Deviantart account, was given verification when Mattwo was not. Mattwo then started pointing out the site's declining Alexa pagerank which an admin named Duffy continually ignored. Vidme would later go on to cite competition as the sole factor in the site's downfall, failing to mention and in spite of the repeated warnings from people like Mattwo and so-called "Vidme troll", Eli the Computer Guy (who had previously made now-deleted videos criticizing Vidme and correctly predicting its downfall after they tried to hire him). Though Mattwo believes the site being overall poorly managed was the key factor.

In a bout of drama that happened shortly before Vidme shut down, after Vidme user Kentantino was allegedly banned for talking to the Eli the Computer Guy. Though after a private conversation with Kentantino where he rubbed Mattwo the wrong way, Mattwo eventually grew to wonder if the ban hadn't been justified and if he had been lied to about the reason it happened in the first place.


After Vidme shut down, he joined VidLii but quit after a while deciding it wasn't a suitable alternative in his opinion until the VidLii Civil War happened where he came back to get involved, breaking off his friendship with Spiderfan as due to AliTheZombie13 being right about Zippcast, Spiderfan chose to side with him, leading both Mattwo and CraftingLord21 to start a feud against Spiderfan.

After leaving VidLii, he decided it was best to try to leave the YouTube alternatives community behind, which lead to him breaking off from CraftingLord21, though he was ultimately unsuccessful in leaving it all in the past. He became a bit lower profile, in spite of remaining jaded by and critical of YouTube alternatives.


After complaining on YouTube about how Vlare would probably meet a similar fate as all the rest after a YouTuber he was subscribed to announced their move to Vlare, he was replied to by the then head moderator, Kay, then going by Melony and noticed that she had a similar personality to Melissa, AliTheZombie13 and Duffy, which had his eyebrow raised, only to discover that the site at the time was run by VidLii's owner, Jan, leading him to frequently speak out against the site. Mattwo would remain critical of the site until Kay's ownership of the site ended. Though in spite of no longer having much of a personal reason to be angry about the site, at that point he was still critical about how many times it had shut down, a fact that reminded him a bit too much of ZippCast and skeptical of the site's future.