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Mr A.T. AndreiThomas is an artist and videographer mired in controversy to the point that he has had a(n) (presently inaccessible) Encyclopedia Dramatica article and a "Wretched YouTube Videos Wiki" article made about him.


In spite of being known for viewbotting and using sockpuppet accounts to inflate his subcount on ZippCast, he was only banned after making a death threat.

Most of the controversy involving his time on YouTube alternatives comes from his time on Vidme where it was discovered he had been abusing a tag meant for less subscribed users which prompted Mattwo to spark a controversy surrounding him in spite of only getting directly involved later on, which he later regretted as he acted immaturely and felt a great deal of regret after seeing Andrei's mental breakdown which lead to Andrei getting temporarily banned.

At some point during the Vidme controversy VidLii user KnotSnappy noticed that also copied CraftingLord21's VidLii profile layout in response to CraftingLord21's video on the controversy.

He was also involved in the VidLii Civil War, which ironically had him siding with Mattwo and CraftingLord21 against their former friend, Spiderfan.

After exiting the VidLii Civil War, Andrei became lower profile and continues to upload to VidLii.