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Owler is a social platform that is a recreation of Twitter as it appeared in 2007. It is currently in beta (since February 1st 2024)


Owler was released on November 1st by redux as a open pre-alpha. Its backend was completely built using independent code,and also just written by him. Its creation was motivated after the developer was unable to find a similar website with the same layout, and was developed together with extensive research by the community that collaborated with the project.

The pre-alpha version is based on February 2007 layout initally, then updated to May. It was in constant development, at first there were not many features, but the site came updating more and more and having features that similar sites did not, such as timeline based on the region and themes. It is also a version known for being experimental.

On November 24th, the developer was preparing for a complete rewrite of the source. Due to the previous code not being maintainable, there was a need to rewrite the entire code, so that in the long term, the site would continue to receive updates. It took more than 3 months until Owler was completely rewritten and usable, after that, the site was released on February 1st as a beta. There was a very short period of dev build, to test the rewritten version. The layout of the rewritten version is based on September 2007 Twitter.