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Revver was a video hosting site launched 2005. Along with being a hub for user generated content, it became one of the earliest websites to promote professional content and provide users with ad revenue.


Launched in 2005, the site attracted a variety of users. As mentioned before, with its implementation of ad revenue as well as a more streamlined business interface, it had attracted video creators more serious about content creation. Indeed, it was an early home for the initial crop of video game reviewers, and was the first non-YouTube site to host the Nostalgia Critic.

In 2008, the seeds to the site's downfall were planted. Revver was acquired by LiveUniverse, which had steered away from the site's initial payment plan. This led to creators being owed more money than promised, and many bigger creators, including Nostalgia Critic, voiced complaints before abandoning the site entirely. Beyond a statement from Revver stating that the payments would be transferred "as soon as possible", the site had never formally addressed the pay discrepancy, and the site's reputation was irreparably damaged. Many creators would move to Blip TV as a result.

Revver was quietly shut down in 2011.