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StoryFire is an app created by YouTubers McJuggerNuggets and Brian Spitz. It was first launched in July 10, 2017 and closed in February 10, 2021, but came back.



(from Storyfire's App Description):

WATCH: Watch videos or read written stories created by awesome members of our growing creative community.

CREATE: Write a solo story if you want to write on your own. Build a group story with some new friends. Or post videos after submitting an application and unlocking the video feature.

GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: Build your audience with subscribers. With features like the Creator Spotlight and Story Promotions, StoryFire shines a light on both smaller creators just starting out and bigger established Creators with millions of fans.

MAKE FRIENDS: Meet awesome members of the community by staying active on the app and posting to your social feed. Follow your friends to see what kinds of stories they are creating or build a story with a new friend!

EARN BLAZE: With our in-app currency Blaze, you can do lots of fun things! Tip Creators to show your support. Charge for a piece of content you created. Promote your content. Purchase Blaze from the App Store. Don’t want to spend any money? You can easily Earn Blaze by watching ads, sharing content, streaks and various other activities.