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SubRocks was a video sharing site created by jackd900, formerly known as Chief Bazinga (and alternatively known as Bheif Cazinga). SubRocks was an attempt at recreating the YouTube 2012 Layout and 2009 layout.

Development started on June 25, 2021 as a result of jack's previous project FulpTube being shut down and was released mere weeks later on July 7, 2021. SubRocks would use ngrok tunnels in development before it was released.

On August 24, a video showcasing a prototype of the 2010 layout was made. Unfortunately, just when it was about 75% done Jackd built a new PC and was unable to finish development, so the layout was scrapped.

A video showcasing a 2012 prototype was uploaded to SubRocks on September 16th. On November 10th, Jackd made another new poll asking which version he should work on. The most votes received were 2011. So, the 2013 layout was scrapped and Jackd started working on 2011.

On November 19, the 2012 layout was launched. On November 22, Jackd made a poll asking if he should still make a 2013 layout for the site akin to Fulptube, with the majority of the community agreeing. The 2013 layout was briefly worked on before it was put on hold until the winter break.

On December 17, 2021, SubRocks abruptly shutdown and the Discord was deleted with the staff giving no explanation. It was later succeeded by uTue, which never publicly launched and was later cancelled.

In January 2023, A user under the name of Aesthetiful revived SubRocks under the name of SubRocks Rewritten. This was short-lived, as on June 16th at about 10pm, the site went down and the next day, the staff announced SubRocks Rewritten would be shutting down because of a DDOS attack and the entire SubRocks Directory was deleted. It has been since superseded by EraCast.


  • 2009: The original layout of SubRocks before it was replaced by the 2012 layout.
  • 2012: The final layout of SubRocks before it shutdown, it introduced a rewritten codebase.
  • 2010: The 2010 layout was about 75% complete before Jackd built a new computer, which caused the source code for the 2010 layout to get lost.
  • 2013: The 2013 layout was briefly in development before being scrapped in favor of the 2011 layout. The homepage was the only page recreated.
  • 2011: A 2011 layout was briefly in development for two days in December 2021. It was going to be another rewrite of the SubRocks codebase, this time using Twig. The last commit was done on December 13, 2021, days before SubRocks shutdown.


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