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Tracle.TV (stylized as TRACLE or just simply known as Tracle) was a video sharing site that lasted from 2020 up to 2023 and was originally designed to have the feel of the Cosmic Panda theme from YouTube from 2011-2013, as well as their 2011 to 2012 video player.


Originally known as Bithub, Tracle.TV was launched on July 24th 2020 and created by Atze Danjo with the help of his friend Bubusquid. It slowly gained a small following after a while in part thanks to the more friendly and welcoming community, compared to sites like Vidlii and Bitview, as well as creators like the Marble Studios Network (MSN) collective discovering the site and helping produce videos for the site.


While Tracle's community is relatively calm, there has been a few incidents worthy of noting. For a brief period in late 2020-early 2021, the site went down when it was found out then-recently appointed mod TheEpicRock7 was tampering with the site to force the site owners to make a version of Tracle for the Wii (This was in fact an inside joke in the Tracle discord that EpicRock took seriously). He was stripped of Mod status immediately and banned once he was caught adjusting the view counts on one of his videos to an absurd amount, and the site eventually came back up a few weeks later.

Another incident of note happened in the spring and summer of 2022, when members of the Speakonia Community, known for the Barney Bunch series of videos that were on multiple sites such as YouTube and Vidlii, joined the site in the late Spring of 2022 due to the recent drama on Vidlii and WeVidi as well of them getting fed up with YouTube's stricter guidelines. The reception to the community was mostly negative, with members of the Tracle Community criticizing the users for posting videos with a quantity over quality approach, particularly the self-appointed leader of the Speakonia Community on Tracle RoboticBloxxer's re-uploading of older Barney Bunch content, and warning that this would drive away users from the site due to it going so far as to make up a good chunk of the front page and the vulgar and intentionally shocking nature of the videos. This tension between the two communities culminated in late October when after StraightFusion released "Drew Pickles Goes to Tracle", a video made with the help of Robotic that featured the titular Rugrats character going to Tracle, raping and destroying the site as he went and most notably including a scene where Site Mod and Marble Studios member Nathan Boehm (who was underage at the time) was raped by Drew. After the staff found out about this, Several BB members were banned off of the Tracle discord and mods began cracking down on the videos on site, with criticism at them becoming more negative. RedTurbo13, a mod on the Tracle Discord and a very vocal critic of the Barney Bunch users' videos on the site, eventually found the link to the Speakonia Community Discord through a video and proceeded to do verbal banter and shitposting with the community. The members on there overreacted and called what he was doing a raid on their server and thus temporarily beefed up security on who could join. This standoff lasted until the next day when both communities realized the whole absurdity of the situation and apologized, with the bans on the Discord being lifted, IronYoshi issuing a video commenting on the issue, and RedTurbo13 eventually coming back to the Speakonia discord and apologizing for what had happened the previous night and taking questions and answers that the community had about the site. While after this most of the Speakonia members reportedly moved to other sites or decided to use their channels for Non-BB/Speakonia related content while few remained there like Robotic, eventually due to still lingering critiques for some for the remaining Barney Bunch videos on the site, on January 25th 2023, the Tracle staff held a poll for the community to decide on whether to remove the Barney Bunch altogether, age-restrict them, or keep the content as is. The vote eventually came out in favor of removing the videos, though the staff have allowed the BB members to remove the videos themselves in a weeks time until February 4th when the ban went into full effect. This signified the end of the Barney Bunch on Tracle, though Sks2002 would help out the Speakonia community make their own Barney Bunch platform using the open source code for Tracle.


On January 9, 2024, Danjo announced that Tracle was now defunct in the site's Discord due to unpaid bills for hosting the servers for the site. Before this, the site had been down for over a month at this point.


Tracle had a one-gigabyte size limit per video upload which came with the framerate being uncapped. In addition, the site featured motion preview thumbnails. Channel customization is a big feature, allowing users to customize their channel background and even add buttons to the header portion. The community was fairly small, with the biggest channel (Marble Studios Network) having 140 subscribers before the site shut down. However, it lacked the ability to edit and/or delete their own comments, and block other users.


  • As part of April Fools 2021, the site was changed to PaulBlartVid as a reference to a running joke and obsession on the Discord that started with Nathan and his friends, involving the 2009 film Paul Blart: Mall Cop and it's 2014 sequel. The URL used during this time,, redirected to

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