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WARNING: A majority of the site's front page content contains NSFW videos. Proceed with caution if you follow the link.

Veoh is an American video hosting site launched in 2005.


Launched in September of 2005, Veoh poised itself as a distributor of content from major networks, along with its collection of user-based content. It was a video hosting site not unlike Dailymotion in terms of interface, but otherwise lacking in features and nuances held by sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

While holding a lot of ambition, Veoh simply could not keep up with other sites, and those seeking an alternative would go to Dailymotion or Vimeo; Veoh simply lacked anything more than lenience with the content posted. The site is still operational, but has not seen any meaningful activity in a long time. It appears to be a bot farm for NSFW creators, lest the site faced a data breach.

Bad Qualities

  1. Is basically some variation of Dailymotion's interface, and because that site was the defacto alternative to YouTube, people would go there before any other site.
  2. Lacked any noteworthy features, otherwise having ambition in the least necessary places.
  3. Uses an outdated block video player, which makes it very difficult to navigate portions of videos.