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VidLii is a video sharing site that was launched by Jan in 2015, and it's layout design resembles YouTube's layout from 2009.

For the drama that happened on the tail end of the 2010s, see this page.


ClipBits (2015-2016)

The first version of VidLii was created in 2015, under the name "ClipBits".

During the start of ClipBits, the site looked identical to the 2005 interface of YouTube, without having many features on the main page. In August of the same year, the site look was updated to the 2006 version of YouTube. Sometime around 2016, the name of the website changed to "VidBit".

VidBit (2016-2017)

VidBit was released sometime in 2016. Its interface was comparable to late 2008 and early 2009 YouTube and lasted during most of 2016 until Jan decided to take it down which led to the short lived VidBitFuture.

Not long after VidBit died off, VidBit was revived again with the 2006 layout of YouTube for a shorter time while until sometime between June 8-10.

Nothing really happened during this time.

VidLii (2017-present)

VidLii would change how it looked and it eventually changed its design into the 2008 YouTube design. For most of 2017, it got many updates. In August, VidLii would add a password recovery feature and TestLii for testing new features. In September, VidLii added playlist displaying for channels. In October of 2017, the site implemented new features in the inbox section, a page for uploading fan-made themes, awards, featured video selection for channels and the Cosmic Panda channel layout (similar to that of the YouTube Layout in 2011-2012). In December, social features for the Cosmic Panda layout and a page for user account management were added after numerous video player bugs were found due to the site getting immensely popular due to a popular Russian YouTuber, known as NFKRZ. NKFRZ made a video featuring VidLii. More features would be announced, including annotations, groups and a possible mobile app. During NFKRZ's very short time on VidLii, some people claimed that he would ruin VidLii even though not long after, he left after posting one last video. The site has emulated old YouTube interfaces, and as of Nov 20th, 2020, it uses the corresponding interface from 2009.

It was created by an internet user known by his first name, Jan, on December 2nd, 2017. This user has experience creating video hosting platforms.

Current State

In early May 2019, when Vlare was released, most of the VidLii community moved to Vlare or left the community in general. This has caused traffic to shrink and a decline in quality on VidLii.

Another thing about the decline of the site is that overtime some users began to join in overtime which lead to the community becoming more unstable.

Even though VidLii remained up, its future was still in question since the launch of Vlare.

As of July 2020, VidLii was in poor health and some of the community has moved to other websites like BitView, Vlare, Vimeo, BitChute or YouTube due to the site's current state.

In September 2020, VidLii served as a temporary replacement for Vlare as the latter was shut down due to its Server Host terminating them.

VidLii was believed to be possibly shut down on February 6, 2020 but it turned out it was an internal server error.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Jan began a project to remake all of VidLii with a better code which would allow him to modernize the site and add more features without as much difficulty as he did before. The project is currently ongoing, and many believe that its inevitable before the VidLii Remake is fully released to the public. In Feb 2022, VidLii and BitView were bought out by kuz, a member of the Kolyma Network. This buyout will include better video quality as well as no ads, after that in February 10, 2022 VidLii servers are currently unavailable, trus the message on Website.


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