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Controversial: Lots of controversial things happened in the VidLii Community during this time period such as harassment, bullying, toxicity etc. Please don't start flame wars in the comments or discussions.

The VidLii Civil War was a conflict that took place from 2018 to 2022 between the VidLii Administration and its owner Jan, and the Community who have opposed his administration and his rule.

Main Conflict[]


Drama and Censorship on VidLii became a lot more common not long after 2017 ended. When the site's administrator known as AliTheZombie13 being angry at a user named "Metro3ds" for sending in Art that contained offensive content who shortly afterwards was banned. The community was outraged, and many users on the site who would call out Ali for the uncalled ban would also get banned from the site as well, which caused the community to become more toxic.

On April 29 2018, an Encyclopedia Dramatica user named "DankJ20" would write an article about VidLii and would immediately call out Ali for his actions while also blaming Jan for allowing the chaos to break out on the site. VidLii was cataloged as a "Toxic YouTube Ripoff" due to its reputation.

On May 3, the admin discovered the Encyclopedia Dramatica article, and not long after, Ali announced his resignation from the site. Jan didn't want to moderate the site himself ever again, so he made a "Admin Election" which consisted of you sending a proposal on why you should deserve the admin role, This event was announced in the BitView Discord Server. Prominent individuals who lost the election includes Darkscythe.

Mal was taking the lead until Aaron (AM) surpassed him. When he won the election, he brought a few others along as well, two of these being Green Mario and Formidable who were on his staff team and not long after they started to take down copyrighted content due to obvious reasons, however some people got angry over not being able to upload Serbian Michael Jackson funny moments anymore, so more drama began to happen until a mod left a couple of weeks before AM was replaced with Fattyman.

Not long after the whole election, he was thrown out and replaced with Fattyman in the 12th of July. At first, people were fine with Fattyman, until once again, more middle school drama happened after he changed the site design even more until he decided to go back to the text to speech Reddit video comment section, once again giving Jan moderation and claiming that every mod got pissed on and he won't hire anyone else until the end of 2018. (AM was the best Moderator and should never have been replaced.)

In May 2019, Jan would turn his focus from VidLii to a new video-sharing website called Vlare.


Joshua's final VidLii video. You WON'T be missed!

Goodbye, VidLii. You WON'T be missed!


In June 2018, a YouTube comedian known as JoshTheJosher (Joshua) joined the site and started to make "Reaction" videos which were basically him just watching videos and saying nothing most of the time. Not long after this, HeXa made his first "VidLii TV" episode which talked about Joshua. He didn't take it too seriously until a user named "JC" made a video about his "Metoo" video. Joshua was too upset that he ended up making & uploading a video calling him and his video out, however not long after this he left and started drama with CL21 until Joshua came back along with Edray "I'm Glad VidBit is back". At first people were fine with Joshua returning until he started to continuously talk about a YouTuber named "TMossBoss" after he said some stuff about a Suicidal girl. Eventually, the community got sick of him not shutting up about TMB so people began to call him out and take the piss out of him until he left after calling out Jan for being "a bad VidLii CEO" and also called him "Susan Wojcicki with a dick". However this didn't last long and he was back within a couple of weeks and so he continued to bitch about TMB again until he left for the last time after he saw the amount of criticism he was getting and made one last video talking about how people were taking the piss out of him.


During the middle of 2019, a massive wave of "Barney Bunch" videos by several users hit VidLii, consisting of text-to-speech videos of cartoon, TV and film characters, all male, being extremely promiscuous homosexuals. While it didn't cause a site-wide controversy, it drew the attention of some users, and the videos often flooded the 'Most Recent' section of the site. This wave died down around August 2019, when one of it's main players stepped down due to drama and not wanting any part in it.

On December 13 2020, one of the websites moderators "BMF" went on a out burst allegedly calling a user racist slurs and not helping him get rid of his account after many times of asking him because the VidLii deletion account is not working still, A member asked in the Discord Server for help to get his account deleted and BMF said "all fascist emails blocked" and not helping him at all and this BMF said: "you're trying to take over vidlii so you can get all jewish users banned", and also saying: "i just dont want fascists taking over" and not helping the user out at all and after i asked him about it he said "this guy was mad at me for nothing at all, this guy would not help me and i needed to make a alt account to act like some random person for him to even help and when he respawned he said "Shut the fU** up" and did not help and after me saying some things he got rid of my account off Vidlii."

Spillovers to other Platforms[]

As a result of the same staff being brought over from other sites, the conflict on VidLii has spilled over onto other alternatives such as BitView and Vlare.

In February 2020, Jan would lay off the Majority of Moderators due to their inactivity and slow growth on the site. And on the 14th, the Vlare Discord Server would become limited to those who were original members, patrons, and premium members because of inactivity and toxicity in the community, causing an overexaggerated reaction among many users on the site.

Some people left during/after the incident on February 16th 2020. During that time, VTTP (VideoTubeTrollPolice) a new account, made videos talking to destroy, he made accounts that were regarded as racist, and made fake accounts of these people impersonating:

  • MASF (Banned Twice)
  • James Andrew (Banned)
  • Kawaii Boy/ !*vikipedia*! (Banned)
  • Melony (Banned)
  • mrbananan (Banned)

VTTP's account was eventually banned, as were his copycat channels.