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WeVidi is a video-sharing site that was launched by AliTheZombie13 & cor955 in Early 2021. WeVidi's uses a layout, which is a recreation of YouTube's 2009 layout.

As of January 2023, the WeVidi site is currently in Public Beta.


After being forced to resign from VidLii as one of the site's administrators, AliTheZombie13 asked VidLii's founder and owner Jan to help him develop his own site (which became VidBlue) where he would be allowed to moderate the site as he wished. But in November 2018, vengeful members of the VidLii community doxed Ali in Vanillo's discord server, which forced him to leave the community all together for the next 3 years.

During his three year absence, a small YouTuber and streamer by the name of cor955 reached out to Ali if he could help him make a new site on the condition that he would give Ali the money to develop it, and even though he was reluctant on doing so, Ali felt that enough time had passed for him to safely return to the community.

WeVidi Public Beta

Image of WeVidi's Public Beta homepage.


  • Two step verification with the Authy app
  • Channel profiles
  • Uploading videos
  • A custom video player
  • Classic Youtube-like interface
  • 5-star rating system
  • Categories
  • Embedding video as an HTML <iframe>


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